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Free Downloads from AlmondWeb Ltd.

Here you can download graphics, articles, and presentations explaining various aspects of technical writing and web development. Please contact us with any comments or questions you may have about the downloads.

The downloads are PDF files that you can read by using the free Adobe Reader.

To edit a heading throw darts Corrupt cross reference

If You Type at the Head of a Heading, and Other Verses about Word Cross-References

Corrupt Word cross-references? Content displayed in the wrong place in the DOCX or online help? The AlmondWeb poet explains what happened to the xrefs, how to fix them, and how to prevent the problem in the future - in verse, prose, and pictures.

If You Type at the Head of a Heading

Graphics Under the Hood

How does the eye perceive color, and how does it relate to graphic color systems? Why do some PDF images have jagged edges? What is antialiasing? Which is better, PNG or JPG? What are CSS image sprites? This presentation offers guidelines for successful graphics in technical documents.

Graphics Under the Hood

To edit a heading throw darts To edit a heading throw darts
AlmondWeb WWP Demo AlmondWeb WWP Workflow Discussion

WebWorks Support

WebWorks ePublisher is a leading single-sourcing tool for converting Word, FrameMaker, and DITA documents to HTML and online help. AlmondWeb is a WebWorks reseller and offer WebWorks training, implementation, and support. Here are presentations demonstrating WebWorks capabilities and explaining how to design a WebWorks workflow.

Single Sourcing with WebWorks ePublisher 9

WebWorks Publisher 2003 for Word

Smoothing the Single-Source Workflow with WebWorks Publisher 2003

Secrets of CSS: Using Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is the dominant style language for HTML and XML pages. Innumerable applications, ranging from web browsers and help systems to Microsoft Word and XML editors, use CSS to format and display text and graphics. This presentation explains how to use CSS in standalone style sheets, in inline HTML code, and in the context of help authoring tools such as WebWorks ePublisher.

Secrets of CSS

AlmondWeb Secrets of CSS
AlmondWeb Page Setup Guide

AlmondWeb Page Setup Guide

A perennial favorite, the AlmondWeb Page Setup Guide is a graphic illustrating how to set up the Microsoft Word page layout for a printed book. The graphic shows how to compute the crop mark locations, margins, gutter, headers, and footers for a cut page centered on an uncut Letter or A4 page.

AlmondWeb Page Setup Guide

Potato Procedure

This is a light-hearted article illustrating the difference between the how and why styles of technical writing. How writing emphasizes procedures—what a user needs to do. Why writing emphasizes concepts—it's directed to experts, or to novices who want to become experts. The article may give you some tips about peeling potatoes, too!

Potato Procedure

Potato Procedure
AlmondWeb API Documentation Discussion AlmondWeb .NET API Discussion

API Documentation: How to Explain so Experts will Understand

AlmondWeb's director, David Shaked (Wernick), shares some insights on successful API documentation. These presentations introduce API documentation issues, such as writing for an expert audience, understanding object-oriented APIs, organizing the subject matter in learning and reference manuals, and documenting .NET APIs.

API documentation discussion

.NET API discusssion

For Tennis Players Only

Did you ever wonder why tennis games are often so lopsided? Why a player who is a little better may win by an overwhelming score? A mathematically inclined AlmondWeb writer, who plays tennis, performed a probability analysis to find the answer. The results, by the way, illustrate an aspect of technical writing—presenting complex information by means of inter-related text, tables, and graphs.

Probability Analysis of Tennis Scores

For Tennis Players Only